HD Mobile DVR

As the whole sercurity surveillance industry migrating into high definition surveillance solution, so as the mobile surveillance system. jti introduces two new types of HD mobile DVR

Utilizing the HDTV professional video format, HD-SDI Video Surveillance Cameras preserve the high quality HD video and simple plug and play capability. HD-SDI Mobile DVR make the installation and maintainence in a vehicle enviorment much more easy without compromising the video qulaity. HD-SDI mobile DVR system is optimized for law enforcement and professional security surveillance.

< Combine HD-SDI, D1 Analogue, IP Video Recording in box, JTI Hybrid MDVR will give you the flexibility of taking different video signal to reocord in one box >>

Analogue D1 and IP Video recording in one box, The MDVR can recording up to 4ch  Analogue Video and 1ch IP Video 

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