HD H.264 Network Video Encoder/Decoder

The most advanced HD Network Video Encoder for network video streaming and broadcast based on Caton's R2TP protocol. R2TP resolve the problem of network congestion, jitter, data transmit error in real time network video streaming. It is a professional solution of real time network video streaming over internet.



  • Various video Input Interface: HDMI, HD-SDI, CVBS for HD, SDI video
  • Various video transmit protocol: FLV Over RTMP、TS Over UDP, TS Over HTTP, Caton R2TP 
  • Support different network stream server: Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza  network stream server,  real time CDN stream sever like Youtube, Justin TV,  Caton realtime stream server
  • Mutiple bitrate ouput: Support 3 types of video stream output with different bit rate setting.
  • H.264 High Profile @Level 4.2 video encoding and AAC-HE V1 audio encoding
  • Support H.264 decoding
  • User friendly management interface with built web based configuration and a WiFi hotspot
  • Reliable Hardware Encoding and Linux Based OS
  • Low power coumption and low noise design
  • Light weight and rugged chassis design for portable usage


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