Caton Netwok Video Stream Relay Sever

Caton R2TP Relay Server (RRS) is a distribution server designed for network video steam relay service , based on Caton's patented technology R2TP, supporting UDP, HTTP and RTMP output protocol. The RRS and Caton encoder decoder or streaming media server make up a completed network video streaming system.


  •  Based on Caton proprietary R2TP protocol that is designed to resolve internet QOS problem
  •  High efficient anti-congestion and error-recovery mechanisms
  • Broad compatibility, support UDP / HTTP output to mainstream decoder , RTMP to FMS, Wowza, Red5 and other streaming media server, support broadcast to Dorecast, Youtube, Ustream and other mainstream video publishing platform, support CDNs like Edgecast, Akamai, Chinanetcenter and Chinacache
  • RRS node server can automatically select the most appropriate path to achieve high-quality real-time internet video streaming
  • Support transmission status real-time monitoring
  • Support TS real-time recording
  • Support Web management

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