Oil Field surveillance

Oil field and petro pipeline is usually located remote area which is lack of illumination and no maintenance and security guard onsite, and it is usually lack of wired communication network. To protect the asset located in a oil field or other remote area, jti Oil Field Surveillance Solution is the right choice for such scenario.

jti Oil Field Surveillance Solution incorporates Canon Network Camera with exceptional low-light Performance and haze compensation feature, jti NVR pro, jti Thermal Camera, and third party wireless network devices to form a remote monitoring solution for Oil production and petro pipe line company. It will dramatically reduce the man power cost for system maintenance and security guard. and provide a security solution to prevent theft and vandalism. Oil production and other surveillance 

 A oil production remote monitoring system to monitor the operating status of the oil production equipment. The video and operating status data are monitored in the monitoring and contorl center.


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