Small to Medium Security Surveillance Solution

jti Small to Medium Security Surveillance Solution includes Canon IP Cameras, jti NVR pro, CMS software and other products that create a completed security solution designed for small to medium size security system customer. With the high performance optical lens and intelligent video analytics feature of Canon IP camera and Linux based NVR, This solutions are solid reliable, secured and intelligent. The system comes with a  user friendly interface that make the system easy to use and maintain. This system is designed to work perfectly for retail, school, factory and other small to medium scale  security system.

System Architecture 

A Standalone Video Management System

  • Live video decodng and display
  • Recorded video playback and event searching and planyback capability
  • PTZ control, preset point and PTZ tour full compatible with Canon IP
  • Canon Camera Configuration

A Linux based NVR

jti NVR is based on Linux Operating System which makes the NVR more stable, reliable and secured from virus and torjan attack than a PC based NVR. A dedicated NVR function embedded in the firmware makes the NVR works constanly without interruption. A user friendly interface makes it easy to use like a PC with mouse and key.

A Canon IP Camera Comatible Network Video Recoder

jti NVR pro is designed to be compatible with Canon IP Camera. It wil make it very easy to use the advanced feature of Canon IP camera.

  • Full recording and playback of recorded video
  • Live video decoging and display
  • Etreme low light capability of wide dynamic ragne of exposure control
  • Intelligent Video Analytics Feature
  • Advanced PTZ control Feature, PTZ preset and tour

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