Enterprise Scale Security Surveillacne Solution

A Large Scale Secuirty Surveillacne Solution

 jti Enterprise Security Surveillance Solution includes Canon IP Cameras, jti NVR pro, CMS software and other products that create a completed security solution designed for the enterprise level security system customer. With the high performance optical lens and intelligent video analytics feature of Canon IP camera and our Linux based NVR, our solutions are solid reliable, secured and intelligent. The system comes with a user friendly interface that make the system easy to use and maintain. This system is designed to work perfectly for financial organization, airport, transit terminal, sea port and other medium to large scale security system


A Intelligent Video Management System

jti Large Scale Security Surveillance System combines the high end capability and Intelligent Video Analytics Feature of Canon IP Camera.

  • Exceptional image quality and low-light performance of Canon IP Camera makes system captures any event under extreme difficult light situation.

  • Utilizing the Intelligent Video Analytics Feature of Canon IP camera : Motion Detection, Cross Line Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Sound Detection etc.
  • Advanced PTZ tour makes large area surveillance  under 100% covered
  • Central Video Management System
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