Video Recording & Streaming System

System Feature:

1. High Quality audio/video capturing using PTZ IP Camera

2. Multi Channel Audio/Video Recording using JTI network video recorder (NVR) with high storage capability

3. Schedule video recording and event trigger recording

4. 4K UHD display and decoding from JTI NVR with sound monitoring

5. Fast and precise PTZ movement with  Moving Subject Auto Tracking

6. HD sound recording microphone with optional wireless transceiver and sound mixer

7. Professional PTZ controller with fast and high accuracy PTZ control

8. Online live view for conference and optional stream server

9. Video export and backup utility for video archiving and editing



1. Worship event live video streaming on Youtube/Facebook and recording 

2. Education video recording and live streaming for remote education

3. Government documentary video recoding

4. Law enforcement interrogates video recoding

5. Court trial video recording system

6. Commercial video recoding and live event broadcasting

7. Remote medical diagnostic video recoding and live event broadcasting

8. Conference event video recording and live view broadcasting

9. Medical facility video recording and remote video streaming

10. Facility video surveillance with audio recoding capability 

   PTZ Video Recording/Broadcasting System Architecture  

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