Perimeter Surveillance

Large Perimeter Fence System like airport or national border perimeter spread in large area, it is difficult to have patrol person on site all the time. A legacy perimeter security system has perimeter sensor and camera system in separated system, when a alarm is triggered, it takes time to identify it is a true alarm or false alarm by switching back and forth between different system. An integrated perimeter surveillance system is needed to response to any alarm event in a fast and an accurate procedure. jti Perimeter Surveillace Solution is the right choice for such scenario.



· Exceptional Low Light Performance of Canon Camera

· Intelligent Video Analytics Functionality, Object tracking, Advanced PTZ tour surveillance

· Integrated with third perimeter fence sensor to form a completed perimeter surveillance solution

· Monitoring beyond fence, predict suspect intrusion


jti Perimeter Surveillace Solution integratess

Canon ME20F-SH Extreme Low-Light Capability Surveillance Camera  

Canon VB-R11VE automated object tracking IP Camera with Exceptional Low-Light Performance and haze compensation feature,

Canon VB-M741 LE  IP Camera with Exceptional Low-Light Performance and haze compensation feature

jti ultra low camera and thermal image camera

jti NVR pro

Central Management System server

Third party Perimeter Fence Sensor

Thermal Camera,

Wireless network, High speed backbone network, LED illumination panel

to form a remote surveillance solution for perimeter fence system. It no only to response to a fence sensor trigger event, it will predict a instruction event by observing an approaching suspect object beyond the perimeter fence using the low light capability Canon Camera and Thermal Camera.


The Perimeter Surveillance Solution will dramatically increase the accuracy of alarm response and reduce the man power cost for maintenance and security guard. It provides a advanced security solution for anti-vandalism and illegal immigration.


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