As an integrated product plateform, jti leverage the strengths of the industry’s leading camera and technology providers. Our NVR and software supports integration with dedicated IP camera system and comply with industry standard, we modify our NVR firmware and software to be seamless compatible with industry leading IP Camera  and can be coupled with other video management systems for complete end-to-end monitoring solutions. Scroll down to see a list of companies our products are compatible with. Click on each logo for more information about the company.

Technology partner

Canon is very famous for her high perfomance still image camera, video camcorder and TV broadcast industry leading video camera. Canon also builds a series of video surveillance camera based on industry leading optical lens, image sensor and processor technology. Canon video surveillance cameras feature industry leading exceptional low light performance image sensors and intelligent video analytics capability. jti NVR Pro series is modified to be compatible with Canon latest IP camera technology and utilitze the advanced feature from Canon Camera.

Axis is a industry leading network surveillacne camera manufacturer. jti join Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) program. jti developes and manufacturers AXIS network video camera compatible network video recorder and per-packed VMS

HDcctv Alliance is an international organization dedicated in HDcctv technology standard which is based on HDTV HD-SDI standard. Frank Lin, CEO of jti is affiliate member of HDcctv Alliance. jti is working together with HDcctv alliance to move the HDcctv technolgy forward to next level of 4K UHDTV. 

HDcctv1.0 based on SMPTE 292M (HD-SDI) wasreleased on 2009,HDcctv 2.0 with PnP remote control over coaxial cable was released on 2014.HDcctv DT 2.0 which is based on Dahua's HD-CVI was released on 2014

JTI. join Seagate Partner Program as integrated product supplier. Segate has builit up professioanl hard drive knowledge in video surveillance industry. With technolgy support from Segate, JTI will continue provide high qualtiy video surveillane recording solution to our customer.

Caton Technology is a professional video encoder and streaming solution provider. 

JTI is CISCO registered partner, JTI proivdes integration and installation service of CISCO commecial and enterprise network equipments.

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