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Golflive YouTube Live Streaming Studio, Vaughan, ON

YouTube Streaming

Integrated IP Camera Live Video Capturing, HDMI Encoder for Gaming Video Capturing, DSLR for Host Live Video Capturing into OBS system for a multiple channel video streaming system with Stream Deck for instant scene switch. A NVR to record each channel video for backup 

Hawk Ridge Golf Resort, Severn, ON

HD IP Video Surveillance System with Long Range Wireless Transmission

38 High Definition IP Cameras  spreading around the resort buildings with high bandwidth long range wireless bridge 

Miniso Canada: Headquarters, Distribution Center,Store

IT Network, IP Access Control, Video Surveillance, Wi-Fi, Telephone, PA 

A overall 100K Square Feet Warehouse with WiFi Full Coverage for Logistic Management System,

with fast roaming and switch capability of non interrupt WiFi connection

Newstead Academy Child Care, Richmond Hill, ON

IT Network, IP Access Control, Video Surveillance, Wi-Fi, Telephone, Background Music

On going project

Maple Property Management, Kitchener, ON

HD Video Surveillance System with License Plate Capture Camera

License Plate Camera helps stop garbage dumping into the prpperty

Batavia 312, Waterloo, ON

Smart Building System

Integrated IP Video Surveillance System, IP Intercom, IP Access Controll System



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