Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution 


An ideal choice of High Definition Audio/Video recording solution

  • Canon high definition PTZ network video camea with atuo tracking function
  • JTI NVR Pro series Network Video Recorder and Video Decoder
  • Rapid and Accurate PTZ control
  • Caton R2TP Netwok Video Streaming Sever

AI Fever Thermal Screening for COVID-19 and Mass Flu Infection Outbreak

  • AI Fever Screening Thermal Network Camera for Human Body Temperature Capture and Analysis 
  • Non contact temperature measurement moving crowd 
  • Central management system for centralized monitoring
  • Iedeal solution for 

Enterprise Security Surveillance Solution

  • Exceptional image quality and low-light performance of Canon IP Camera makes system captures any event under extreme difficult light situation.

  • Intelligent Video Analytics Feature of Canon IP camera : Motion Detection, Cross Line Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Sound Detection etc.
  • Advanced PTZ tour makes large area surveillance  under 100% covered
  • Central Video Management System

Traffic Management

  • Combing Exceptional Performance  and Intelligent Video Analytics feature of Canon Camera
  • High way speed enforcement 
  • City traffic monitoring, Red light, Parking, Left turn, U- turn, Driving lane enforcement

Oil Field Surveillacne

Perimeter Surveillance System

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