Professional WiFi System

Professional WiFi System

Long Range WiFi Transmission 

Industrial Environment Deployment


Professional WiFi System






       Industrial/Commercial WiFi System


Industrial Building and Commerical Building with multiple WiFi hotspot access point in one unique SSID with Fast/AI roaming, HD high density access, band steering, WiFi frequency balanced spread capability to provide smooth connection, lightning fast surfing, congestion free WiFi enviornment, success strory of providing for seamless WiFi connection for over 100K square feet E-Commerce warehouse with ctritcal requirement of live production enviorment


Long Range WiFi System

Long range WiFi trunk conneiton for large area like golf course, farm, mining field, isolated building upto 20KM away from main building, optional of solar powered power supply for power isolated spot.Full Internet WiFi coverage with combination of  Celluar Data or SpaceX Starlink Data connection


Wi-Fi site survey, signal analysis, installation and integration service  


 1. Pre-project site survey and WiFi enviornment analyzation with professional WiFi signal analytics tools from VisiWave Site  Survey and Metageek Channel analyzer to scan, analyze any potential signal interference at the site for new WiFi system. A professional WiFi system plan with optimized WiFi Access Point location based on the site survey and signal analyzation


WiFi singal analyzation and mapping will be provided for the new WiFi plan.


2. WiFi System design, jti provide a completed WiFi system design base on customer's requirement and budget. From the high end WiFi system to cost effective system. The WiFi system will come with most demanded Seamless Roamig, Fast Network Communication, Low Interference, High-Density Connectivity, Central Managment, Network Security and all the other Feature.


3. WiFi System Intallation and Integration:






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